Welcome to Styling With Sandi! As a personal stylist in Northern Colorado, I show men and women how to put outfits together that make them feel confident and sexy again!

Did you know that on average we see ourselves in a mirror about 50 times every single day? Wow. Think about that. So, what if the clothing you put on in the morning doesn’t fit your body well or accentuate your assets? What if you feel less than spectacular in your current clothing? What if every single time you see yourself, you say “I look terrible today?” On the other hand, what if you knew how to put an amazing outfit together that made you feel confident and let your inner beauty shine?

What if your clothes had the power to improve your confidence and your self-assurance? What would you change about your style if I told you that clothing can do just that? Because it can. Sociologists have been studying the mind and how the clothes you wear affect it. They discovered that it’s not just what you wear that matters but how you feel about what you wear. Not only do you need to look good but you also have to feel good in what you put on. So, if you’re feeling tired or frumpy in those same old clothes, you may greatly benefit from my help.

I am a personal stylist who chased my passion for fashion and created a career that can actually help people. I can help you update your wardrobe, find the right outfit for a special event, improve your work clothing, and create a style that you feel great in. To get started, book a free 30-minute consultation by contacting me today!

We’ll talk about you and the frustrations you face when it comes to fashion and your style. I want to make you feel heard and valued and assist you in any way possible. From there, you can choose one of my specific styling services to help you get your sexy back. LET’S DO THAT! Let’s get your sexy back! Call me, guys and gals. Why wait one more day? You deserve to feel and look your best!