I’m Sandi Leffel, an everyday woman who LOVES dressing up. I like to wake up, show up, and dress up. Every day. Well, almost every day.

Let me tell you why dressing smartly is important for me. I fell in love with fashion back in the 80s, when I attended a Barbizon Modeling course in Honolulu. Up until that time, I was busy with college and starting my nursing career. The day after I took my nursing boards, I hopped a plane to Hawaii. I had no idea how much that decision would change me for the better. I chose Barbizon for fun, actually. I knew I needed some serious advice and, luckily, my nursing salary paved the way toward the fashion diva that I am today. Up until that time, I didn’t have two nickels to rub together. Nor did I know anything about fashion. In fact, my style aesthetic consisted of tube tops and macrame swimsuits which, oddly enough, are making a comeback. I am quite sure that thought makes my husband of 38 years laugh out loud.

Barbizon helped form me into a young woman with style. I learned that all aspects of life contribute to a persons’ sense of well-being and health. In the Barbizon program, we were critiqued on our diets and on exactly how many calories are in 3 pina coladas! I learned about makeup and skincare. The importance of a great hairstyle. How to dress my body while looking classy, not cheap. I quickly learned that my hippie days were over. I was done with tye-dye, short shorts, and platform shoes. It was time to grow up and learn how to dress and act like a lady. Barbizon taught me that my clothing and my presentation were a clear reflection of my inner worth. I needed to respect myself more by improving the way I dressed. Through fashion, I was given the gift of confidence. I invested $500 and came away with a world of knowledge. That has benefited me for over four decades.

It is my belief that we all struggle at times with body changes and style confusion. 

With Barbizon, I had a head start on what I aspired to dress like. Of course, my body has changed drastically over the years. Being pregnant five times in four years was brutal! I am here to tell you that there is hope. We are all in this game of life together. We can talk about our body issues and take heart that we are not alone.

As a personal stylist in Northern Colorado, I want to help you recreate your style and build a better sense of fashion. With my knowledge and eye for fashion, I can help you learn how to dress for your body and feel confident every day you walk out the door! To get started, be sure to book your free consultation. We will discuss you style, fashion frustrations you have been facing, and more! I look forward to helping you improve your style and confidence.