Meet Ruthie. Few fun facts about my friend: She is a civil engineer here in Fort Collins (no, she can not fix your parking tickets). We like to joke that she is a land baroness — she owns quite a few rentals in town. She’s a mom to her son and three dogs. For fun, she adores running at 5 am.

The first time we had a girls’ night out, I saw Ruthie and instantly said to myself “This chick KNOWS her style!”

It’s fabulous when people have done some soul searching around what they love to wear. And man, Ruthie did just that. Here’s her go-to look: low-waisted boot cut jeans, wide belt, starched white shirt, great shoes, and a vintage coat. Her look screams sophistication and understated panache. Through the years Ruthie has fine-tuned her wardrobe so that she can go in her closet and instantly put on a look she loves effortlessly.

Here’s Why Ruthie’s Look Works

  1. She is true to herself. She is not a shopper. She is a minimalist. She believes in owning a few pieces that fit her body beautifully and can transition from day to evening. She is a very casual person. She is not about the glam. Having said that, her sense of style is timeless.
  2. Ruthie understands what looks fabulous on her frame. She belts the jeans below her waist which highlights her hourglass figure. The bootleg jeans elongate her body and make her look taller. The jeans are form-fitting and the looseness of the white shirt works well proportionately. Ruthie admires Diane Keaton and her penchant for menswear. Turns out the shirt did indeed belong to an old boyfriend. Talk about taking an item and styling it your way. This spectacular look is finished off with red clogs and a vintage coat. The pops of color add a cohesive touch.
  3. This outfit works because Ruthie is comfortable in her skin, she knows she looks great and she owns her choices. She is true to herself and her aesthetic. It’s comfortable, casual, and chic. And that sums up my friend perfectly!

Finding Your Signature Look

Many of us have trouble finding a signature look that works for us. While we may know what we like, finding that go-to look that works for us time and time again is more of a challenge. If you are looking for a signature look or want to upgrade your signature look to something more sophisticated and versatile, I can help!

As the owner of Styling With Sandi, I can help you create a signature style that works with your body and that makes you feel comfortable and confident. When it comes to creating a signature look, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that this look is something you should feel comfortable in all the time.

While you might want to dress in stylish and eye-catching outfits, if you don’t feel comfortable in your clothes every day, that look will never be your look. I will help you find something you are comfortable in, that fits your personal style, and that you would love wearing every day.

Whether you’re wanting to improve your overall style, need help finding what clothing works for your body, need to update your business attire, or need help finding the perfect look for a special event, I can help! I offer a variety of personal styling services to help you look and feel your best!

If you are ready to find your signature look, contact me today! I offer a free 30-minute discovery session where you can tell me exactly what you are looking for. I offer my personal stylist services in Northern Colorado. Whether you need fashion advice or want help dressing for your body type, I would love to help you get started and start feeling confident and comfortable in your skin!