Here’s a question for you. Do women over 55 feel marginalized? Valued less and not quite as vital to the conversation? Do we make fewer contributions? I don’t think so. I believe that our priorities have changed. We are no longer moms with children to care for. Now we are empty nesters with time to reconsider where we want to spend our time, our efforts, and our resources.

We choose our words wisely because we believe that our opinions matter. We decide carefully which causes to support in order to make our voices heard. Is there an added layer which we can utilize to make sure that our presence is strong? Is there a way to strengthen our image in order to be taken more seriously?

I think that as we age, many times the clothes we wear tell people that we undervalue ourselves. The image we present to the world is every bit as important as it was when we successfully made a name for ourselves in corporate America. Back in the day, we took care to dress for success. We achieved our accolades and now, many women over 55 choose comfort over style every time. In a word, many of us have become complacent and sloppy in our appearance. How did we lose our mojo? Can we get it back? You may ask yourself, are image and fashion really that important? The reason they are significant is because how we dress tells the world if we value ourselves. Is our sense of style improving our credibility? Do we feel dignified and confident in our wardrobe choices?

Or do fashion questions weigh us down? Are we unsure about how to clothe our bodies? Are we comfortable with our figures? Body shape is a great place to start a conversation on fashion and style. Because every physique has its own unique set of challenges. And to delve into those challenges, it becomes important to talk about our own personal biases. What part of your body do you love? What is your best attribute? What do your friends like about your body? Do you talk about these things together? Not just I hate my bum, belly, arms and thighs, but why? How do these thoughts make you feel? What are you hiding? Afraid of? Shunning away from?

I see many women struggling with fashion. It shows in their posture and stance. These women feel frustrated with their bodies and their clothing options. They are confused about how to dress their bodies to accentuate their assets (and believe me, everyone has parts of their bodies that they love). They’d like to know how to put a killer outfit together. At 55 and over, these gals still want to look fresh, modern, and beautiful.

Fashion Tips for Women Over 55

As you get older, your style should change along with everything else. While your style may not have to change completely as you get older, there are some things you should avoid and some tips to follow that will help you look great without trying to look younger or appearing older than you are. While finding the perfect style for your age may be difficult, I would love to help! I have come to love finding new styles for myself that work with my age and allow me to look and feel my best. Allow me to help you develop your style to fit your age. Start by following these tips!

Don’t Be Scared to Go Bold

Adding bold colors and patterns to your wardrobe with pieces that are classy and elegant is a great way to look great while still feeling stylish. While some people may say that bold colors and patterns are for the younger looks, you can pull them off too!

If you choose to wear a bold color or pattern, just be sure to pair it with calm, mellow colors. If you have a bold floral top, match it with a nice pair of jeans or neutral-colored pants. This will allow you to create an eye-catching look that doesn’t make you look like you are trying to dress younger than you are. It also allows you to spice up a simple outfit with something that stands out.

Wear Layers

Layers are great no matter how old you are, but layers are a great way to create an elegant outfit for ladies over 50. While jeans and a stylish t-shirt can look fine, adding a cardigan, leather jacket, or a scarf can really take your look to the next level. Adding layers is a great way to make your outfit look more put together and stylish rather than just wearing a simple shirt and pants. If you want to make your outfits more stylish in the simplest way possible, add layers.

Update Your Denim

Jeans are a piece of clothing that will never go out of style. That being said, the jeans you have had for 10 years may no longer be fashionable. If the current jeans are worn, dingy, and baggy, invest in some new jeans that flatter your figure, are more form-fitting, and can be paired with anything. Dark wash jeans are a great option for women over 50, since they are subtle and can be a casual but sophisticated touch to any outfit.

If you are unsure which style of jeans you should invest in, you can not go wrong with a nice bootcut. Bootcut jeans look great on women over 50 and can be paired with flats for a casual look or booties for a more elegant look. Some women can also pull off skinny jeans. If this is you, just be sure to pair it with a nice looking top, like a button-down, tunic, or a sweater.

Avoid Short Hemlines

As you get older, your hemline should get longer. Even if you have the most amazing legs ever, your skirt or dress should at least come to your knees or be a little longer. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to wear dresses and skirts that go down to your ankles. You just should avoid the short hemlines that you may have worn 20 years ago.

Longer hemlines create a more elegant and sophisticated look. They can still be gorgeous and fashionable but they will fit your age better. These styles are slowly becoming more popular for all ages, meaning that you will be able to find even more stylish looks with longer hemlines.

Go For Fitted Looks

As I already mentioned, your jeans and other pants should be well fitted. Avoid loose and baggy pants, as they will only make you look sloppy and frumpy. Well-fitted pants can completely transform your look and help you look more put together and elegant. If you are uncomfortable with the tight waistbands, try finding pants that are made with a stretchy material or that have an elastic waistband, these will allow you to feel more comfortable while also looking great.

These are only a few fashion tips for women over 55 that you should consider when updating your wardrobe. However, I also believe that you should rock whatever you feel good in! If you feel stylish in multiple patterns, baggier clothing, and your old denim, then you keep rocking that look! If you want to update your wardrobe with items that match your age, I can help.

Let’s start with a simple conversation about who you really are now — sometimes embarrassed, confused, frustrated. Let’s listen to each other. Together, we can each discover your personal sense of style. Empowered by these conversations, you will learn new skills and dress with an improved sense of stylish intention.

I want to unite women over 55 and show the world (through our wardrobe choices) that our voices and our contributions are every bit as important as ever. Contact Styling With Sandi to work with me, a personal stylist in Northern Colorado. I can help you find your style and make a statement.