Here’s the deal. The right clothes can change the silhouette of your body and create a shape that you love. By ‘good clothing,’ I mean apparel that fits well and is well-proportioned. What is the part of your body that you love? I know there is one — even if it happens to be your ears. The key is to learn how to accentuate the best attributes and downplay the trouble spots.

As the owner of Styling With Sandi in Northern Colorado, I can help you find the right pieces for you and your body. As a personal stylist, I can help you create a wardrobe that highlights your best features and allows you to look and feel your best.

When it comes to creating the perfect look, you need to find the clothes that work for you. While one thing may look good on someone else, it doesn’t mean it will look good on you. You need to find your style and the clothing items that flatter your body.

While you may think that nothing really works for your body, that is not the case. There is something for everyone that can flatter your figure and help you look and feel your very best. Picking the right clothing can provide a variety of benefits.

1. The proper clothing can make you look slimmer.

By choosing the right clothing for your body, you can actually look slimmer. There are many different clothing pieces that can help thin you out. Depending on your body type and the areas that you may carry more weight in, different pieces can help to slim you down. I can help you find the perfect slimming pieces to add to your wardrobe!

2. Make you look taller.

If you are shorter, you may struggle with finding items that make you appear taller. Luckily, there are many items to add to your closet that can help add height to your look. From bootcut jeans and heels to knee-high boots, there are many options that can help. If you need help with finding clothing that makes you look taller, be sure to schedule a consultation with me!

3. Clothes can accentuate your assets.

Another way to update your wardrobe is to add items that accentuate your assets. There are clothing styles out there that can accentuate everything, from your curves to your arms to your legs. Whatever your best asset is, I can help you find the clothing pieces that highlight that area and make you feel beautiful and stylish.

4. Make you look curvier.

With the right clothing options, you can make yourself look curvier. Many women want to look curvier, but have a hard time creating that look. I can help you find the right pieces that work with your body and give you a curvier look.

5. Clothes can draw the eye to where you want them to look.

If you don’t like your legs but you have amazing arms, you can dress to draw attention to the areas of your body you love most. I can teach you how to use clothing to guide the eye and keep the attention where you want it.

6. Clothes can keep the attention away from the dreaded parts.

Like I just mentioned, you can use clothing to keep the attention in certain areas and away from others. If you have some insecurities (we all do), you can update your wardrobe to keep the attention away from these areas, allowing you to feel more confident.

7. Clothes can give you a shape to work with.

Clothing can also be used to give you a shape that you can work with to create different looks. If you feel like your body has no real shape, the clothing you wear could help highlight any curves and help make it easy to add shape to your body.

8. Elongate your neck and put the emphasis on the decolletage.

You can also choose different styles of clothing to add length to your neck and highlight your chest. While some shirts and neckline styles make your neck look shorter and may hide your chest, there are many options that can emphasize these areas and add length.

9. Elongate your legs and make you appear statuesque.

If you have shorter legs, you may want to find clothing that makes them appear longer. With the right pants, skirt or dress length, and shoes, you can create the illusion of long and beautiful legs.

With the right clothing and styles for your body, you can create the look you truly want. From making you look taller to drawing attention to different areas, the right clothing can completely change your style. Finding the right clothing can make all the difference but it can be difficult. That is where I come in.

Styling can be deceptively magnificent when it works for your shape. Regardless of shape or size, clothing has the power to bolster your confidence and self-esteem. If you need help finding the right clothing to create the look you want, be sure to contact Styling With Sandi. I offer free discovery sessions as well as personal styling services to help you create the perfect wardrobe for you!