As a mom, I remember rushing from work to pick up my boys and get them to the soccer field on time. I had no time to change clothes. What’s a mom to do? We still want to look fashionable but our high heels probably won’t cut it in the grass.

This recently came up during a fashion consultation with one of my clients. Jess is an RN who owns her own business as a life coach. She’s a busy lady who wants to look professional and stylish at work. After work, practicality is key. Jess wants to feel put-together with a more casual vibe.

This is an issue many working moms face. While it is not a big deal wearing your business clothing to your child’s soccer practice, it may not be the most comfortable. No one wants to wear heels all day, especially when you no longer have to. If you wear fancy business attire to work but don’t want to wear the same thing to the many activities you have to run to after you get off, you need to start planning ahead.

I can help you figure out how to create outfits that can be both work-friendly and comfortable for running around in after-hours. As the owner of Styling With Sandi, not only do I understand fashion and how to dress for your age, comfort, and style, but I also understand what it is like working full time and being a mom who has to rush around to a variety of after school activities. I can help you upgrade your wardrobe to make it easier for you to run back and forth between activities. Just like my client, Jess, I can provide you with a fashion consultation and help you master the art of being a fashionable working mom.

During my meeting with Jess, she takes me into her closet where she has many questions. What can she wear that will get her out the door as quickly as possible? What can she wear to improve her professional appearance?

She admits that finding her style is a bit challenging. She has many options but she is unsure what goes with what. What to wear with form-fitting pants? Does she choose a snug top or a loose one? She likes a navy suit but what top to pair it with?

Jess decides on a sleeveless dress because it fits her body well and is cooler on this warm spring day. This dress is appropriate for work, especially when paired with a white denim jacket and chunky heels. This outfit suits Jess on many levels, and most importantly, it is comfortable, which is key. The dress is flattering on her hourglass figure and the jacket will keep her warm on the field if the weather changes.

Jess (being the brilliant woman that she is) has tucked a pair of cool sneakers in her trunk. TaDa! She seamlessly goes from a polished business owner to classy mom on the go.

Now, I want to share some tips with you! There are a few key wardrobe pieces that can help you go from working mom to soccer mom with only a few minor changes to your outfit.

A Midi Skirt

Midi skirts are fun, flirty, and fashionable. They are great for the office when paired with heels and a nice blouse tucked in, but can also be dressed down for a more casual look. After hours, you can throw on some low-rise sneakers and a cardigan to make this a perfect soccer field look.

A Swing Dress

A swing dress is a simple way to look put-together and ready to take on the business world. Pair one of these dresses with heels and a belt to create the perfect office look. When you want to dress this down, throw those low-rise sneakers or sandals on and add a cardigan for a cozy and casual look.

Dark Denim

If your place of work allows you to wear denim to the office, a pair of dark denim in your favorite style, whether it is boot cut or skinny, can be the perfect option for those busy days when you have to head to your child’s activities right after work. You can pair your dark denim with a stylish and classy blouse and a pair of heels during the workday. After work, you can throw on flats, sandals, or sneakers and a flannel to give you a more casual and comfy look!

Ultimately, you need to find items that you can dress up or dress down and pair with heels or sneakers. This allows you to get two looks in one and be ready for the never-ending list of activities your family has.

If you want more fashion help, be sure to contact me! I am a personal stylist in Fort Collins and I would love to help you create the perfect wardrobe that allows you to go from working mom to soccer mom as easily and quickly as possible. Be sure to schedule a free Styling With Sandi discovery session to get started! You can also contact me to learn more about how I can help you.