When it comes to wedding season, it can be difficult to figure out what to wear to these special events. From winter mountain weddings to the classic church wedding, the attire can differ, making your outfit choice more difficult. But it doesn’t have to be!

I’m Sandi, the owner of Styling With Sandi in Northern Colorado, and I can help you find the perfect wedding outfits that you can use year after year! In this blog, I have put together a wedding style guide to help you create the perfect look for each and every wedding you go to. Read on for some of the wedding wardrobe questions and concerns I get and learn how to dress for the wedding season!

Can I Wear Black?

Of course, you can. It all depends on the venue, time of year, silhouette, shape, and accessories. The key is in the details. Black is extremely chic at evening and city weddings and winter events. This is good news as we approach winter. I’m not talking Morticia Addams here. Think of a sleeveless or strapless dress with a gold bag and metallic shoes and you will have achieved sophistication. Another elegant option is a sharp trouser suit in jet-black paired with pastels, white, or metallics.

Can I Wear White?

The thing about wearing white is: why would you want to? Why incite the bride on her special day when it’s totally unnecessary? We go to weddings to honor the couple and one easy way to do that is to dress up and show you’ve made an effort. The elegance of your outfit has the power to uplift your mood and in fact, the mood of those around you. In a way, your outfit is your contribution to the success of the event (and don’t forget the pictures).

What if I Don’t Do Dresses?

Then don’t. A dress is an easy solution to most events and looks great on most women. I applaud you for knowing what you like to wear. What is your signature style? Do you love pantsuits? Then, by all means, wear that. Add some glitz for more pazazz. You will feel and look spectacular, simply because you love it. A suit is another option that can be formal, dressed up with a bold or block patterned blouse.

I Have Three Weddings This Year Where I Will See the Same People.

This can be tricky and there are a few ways to style the basics. One option: buy one slip dress and wear it over a stylish top for the first wedding. Belting it can add panache. For the next wedding, wear the dress alone with different accessories. Third wedding, wear the dress with a stunning coat which is the same length as the dress. Another idea is to buy a statement skirt and wear it with different blouses for 3 distinctive looks, i.e. sequins for evening or starched shirt for an afternoon wedding. Most people do not want to buy three different looks for three different weddings, especially if you are only going to wear each outfit once. That is why it is a great idea to get a single piece of clothing that you can pair with many different options to create unique looks.

I Don’t Want to Buy Something I’ll Only Wear Once.

Thank you for being conscious of fashion wastage. Do you have one beautiful piece that you can dress up in an unanticipated manner? A pantsuit or maxi skirt paired with a dramatic top, jewelry, and striking heels can be a perfect option. Choose a top that resonates with you because people will be viewing your upper half the most while sitting in the ceremony and at dinner. A jeweled neckline or silky blouse is worn with a full skirt or slim-leg trouser would be a killer combo.

When it comes to dressing for a wedding, it is important to be comfortable, so be sure to find something that fits your style, that you feel comfortable in, and that makes you look great. Don’t wear something that you are going to be tugging at the entire time, you will be focused more on that rather than the actual wedding. Another thing to remember is that you are not the main focus of the event, so you don’t need to be the best dressed, but that doesn’t mean you can dress to impress and show up in style!

If you need help with your wardrobe or finding an outfit for an event, I can help! Learn more about my business, Styling With Sandi, and be sure to schedule a free discovery session to get started today! I offer personal stylist help throughout Northern Colorado, contact me today!