During my personalized styling sessions, I can help you create a new look, create looks for special events, and go shopping with you to help you find the right clothing and style to create a look that works for your body. I offer my styling services in the Northern Colorado area and can help you update your style.

1. Create Your New Looks

Remember the time when you rocked a new look and everyone noticed how stylish and chic you were? They said, “Wow, you look stunning!” or “Where did you get that dress/suit?” If it’s been a while since you heard those compliments, Styling With Sandi can help you rediscover your sense of style. I understand that fashion can be difficult. Sometimes the trends seem ridiculous. Or we don’t know what looks good on our bodies anymore. My styling tips will show you how to accent your assets. Regardless of size, you will learn how to look taller, slimmer, and more put-together. At Styling With Sandi, we create stunning new looks using some of your clothing and shopping for the rest. Are you ready to step in as the new you?

2. Customize Your Wedding Look

Are you part of the wedding party and don’t know what to wear? Maybe you are the mother or father of the bride — no pressure, right? It can feel overwhelming on this momentous occasion. Styling With Sandi can help you design a custom look perfectly suited for your body and style aesthetic. What is the look you want to pull off? Are you classy, edgy, or BoHo? What is the wedding theme and colors? You can try to pull this off on your own but why bother when there are experts available to help. Relieve your stress and show up in attire that you never would have chosen. Just remember that dressing stylishly doesn’t have to break the bank. Be prepared. The bride won’t be the only one receiving compliments. I can help you find the perfect outfit for a wedding or other special events that you have no idea how to dress for.

3. Personal Shopping

Do you HATE shopping? Has your body changed and that makes you feel lousy? Styling with Sandi can help alleviate that stress. If the thought of shopping causes you overwhelming dread, let Styling With Sandi help. I can ease you into new clothing by talking through any issues you face. I will devise a customized plan just for you. After your new apparel arrives, we will decide which pieces work for you. Be prepared to turn heads again.

$75/per hour