1. If you want to upgrade your style, there is no one better than Sandi!

    Guys... if you want to upgrade your style, there is no one better than Sandi! Not only will you be very satisfied with your purchases, you will have fun in the process. Sandi is a gem and her love of style and fashion shines through.…Read More

    Rob Carter
  2. She helped me with a new style

    I am an executive who works with all ages but predominantly younger people. It became clear to me that in order to stay relevant in the workplace, I needed to spruce up my wardrobe. I am a man who asks for help and so I reached out to Styling With Sandi.  We spoke about the change in business attire and men”s fashion driven by younger workers. An update was in order. A quick walkthrough of my c…Read More

    Jim Leffel
  3. I felt inspired and more confident!

    Sandi took the time to understand my needs, fears, and goals as it related to fashion. Then she applied her amazing sense of style to offer truly customized suggestions. After working with Sandi I felt inspired and more confident!…Read More

    Jennifer Spencer
  4. The whole process was fun and easy.

    Sandi did an assessment of my lifestyle, clothing and personal style.  She helped me revitalize my style and helped me get excited about fashion.  Sandi found new ways to reinvent some old favorites by adding a few new pieces.  The whole process was fun and easy. I learned so much about what looks professional, stylish and how to transition from work to kids activities.  Sandi is amazing!…Read More

    Jessica Tasa
  5. Sandi understands signature style.

    Sandi understands signature style. I am a minimalist at heart. I don’t care for shopping and I rarely dress up. But when I do, I have my go-to items that I put together effortlessly. Sandi helped me see how wearing low-waisted jeans make me look taller and elongate my frame and my figure.  Sandi showed me that by pairing my boot cut jeans with a crisp white mens shirt I can add unexpected flair…Read More

    Ruthie Rollins